Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Date night

Navy tights- Target
coral dress- HM
scarf- Pier1 imports
necklace- premier Designs
belt- Modcloth
watch- Daniel Wellington
cardigan- TJ Max

So last year when I went to HM for my birthday I spotted this tunic shirt dress, but sadly I had to leave it behind, because I had a budget to stick to, so the 25 dollar tunic dress was not leaving with me. 
Later that year on one of of our Honeymoon outings Chris took me to HM again where I spotted this dress again but lucky for me, this time, it was only 10 dollars!!!!! what?!?! I guess the leaving it behind part was worth it after all.

I love going on dates with my husband so much. On this particular Saturday night we went to cheese course, one of our favorites. I love their black forest ham sandwich, its so yummy!! if you've never tried it, please do.


P.S: take a look at how I've worn coral before: here, and here

Monday, January 28, 2013

Make it your own

Dress- HM
necklace- billabong
loafers- UO
Fedora- F21

On the last post I mentioned how I love to mix top and bottoms to create a unique outfit and that whenever you would see me on a dress it was because I either didn't have a clue what to wear or I just ran out of time. well, here I woke up from a nap realizing my husband and I were late to a party. With that said, the first thing I thought was a dress and the accessories just fell into place in minutes, thankfully. 
Nothing like adding accessories to a dress: fedora, glasses, and necklace, I was ready to go, and that is what is fun about a dress, you can add anything to it, a shirt on topa shirt undera skirt on topknee socksan over sized sweateranother over sized sweater over dress I mean the options are endless, you just have to have fun and make it your own.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Head of roses

cream skirt- sosie
lace top - F21
long cardigan- Tj maxx
 headband- custom made on etsy
boots- Ruche
6 toed cat- Mittens (hehe)

It's often people mistake my tops and bottoms combos for a dress or a romper... and I like that. creating an outfit out of a top and bottom to make it look like a one piece, is my favorite; it just feels more unique. So now you know that whenever I wear a dress is either because I ran out of time or had no clue what to wear :P.

This headband is so old!! I custom ordered it on Etsy a while back. I really liked how it complimented this particular outfit. 

On the last picture is the cutie 6 toed cat, found by my brother in law. I can swear he is a dog trapped inside a cat. His name is Mittens, considering he has 6 toes on each paw. I'm probably making Mancha Jealous :P


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Over sized sweater over dress

over sized sweater- Jcrew
floral dress-target 
long necklace- premier designs (present from my friend\sis Laurie)
short necklace- (present from my friend Lauren)
watch- Daniel Wellington

Nothing beats having this over-sized sweater you can just throw over anything, even a dress, during cool nights. This sweater is just perfect. I wore it to a girl night, at my house, with my two friends Laurie and Lauren. We tried this awesome recipe, followed by one of my favorites The Devil Wears Prada. The food turned out amazing. It's definitely a keeper in the recipe book. My husband agrees. Delectable  meals= happy stomachs.