Monday, September 3, 2012

Tree Tops

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pants (coral)-windsortore

 For a while now I've known I'm not an outdoor person, even though I used to be a tom boy when i was younger. Yes, I wasn't a girly girl considering I loved playing street fighter (still kind of do) until my fingers would get blisters from pressing all the buttons on the controllers, so my character would do all the hard fight combos that no one could ever get (insert embarrassed/proud of my somewhat geek-ness).

I've heard before that my mom used to be a tomboy herself. She was raised with two sisters and ten brothers, so I think you can figure out why she was so. 
My mom would compete with her brothers to climb the highest trees, eating contests with whole watermelons, so I truly think she was way more hardcore than me :P

In other not-so-news, Chris (my fiancee) knows that I'm not outdoorsy at all! But seriously, living in Florida has shown me every type of bug in existence to the point that after walking into many spiderwebs at night I have learned my lesson and prefer doing activities inside in the comfort of A/C.

When I went out to take pictures behind my house, I figured I could use the tree that lies there for some pictures. So off I went to grab my tripod and head out the back door to use this shapeless, somehow beautiful, tree.

As I was taking the pictures I felt the urge to sit on the tree (as you can tell in the pictures I certainly did).
As soon as I took the picture I jumped off the tree and noticed my dusty hands. Every time my hands are dirty I get this urge to wash them (yes, i admit it, I'm a germaphobe). But when I got off the tree all I did was brush the palms of my hands together and for once I didn't feel the urge to wash them. Somehow the dust from the tree felt different than the dust you commonly see in your house; it just felt natural. So maybe I'm somehow outdoorsy. I admit that not fully cause I still don't like bugs or the heat, but maybe I'm like my mom in some ways :) 

All I know is that after sitting on this particular tree i cant wait for cooler winds to arrive, so i can spend some afternoons, not in the comfort of the A/C, but in the comfort of some natural breeze on that dusty old tree.

p.s. Have a happy Labor day!

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