Saturday, July 23, 2011

a Mary Poppins like evening

my sweetie and i decided to go out to dinner, so we went to my favorite restaurant "Kikos" they have the best sushi ever!! 

this skirt has become my favorite one!!!  i love the flowiness it has!! i have been wanting to wear it for a while, but its so sheer that i didnt have a slip thick enough to even be under this skirt! well last week i finally found the perfect slip, so i couldnt wait to wear it! 

and oh the shoes!!! ive been looking and looking for a t-strap heel!! so when i saw these pair there was not an option, i had to get them!

 this was on the way to dinner!! the picture does it not justice at how awesome that dark cloud looked in contrast with the sun ....i really want a nice camera so i can take all the picture ideas that randomly occur in my head!

on the wayt to the car after dinner i saw our shadows walking by the tree and thought it'll be a cute idea to snap a picture of it!!... Everytime i look at my shadow on this picture the first thing i think of is Mary Poppins.. it must be the long skirt!!! ...does that make my cutie: Bert, the chimney guy?... hmm i think i just got an idea for halloween!

over all.. what a lovely night! after sushi, we watched "the unusual suspects! (what a great movie)
also he made me my favorite milkshake ever!! it includes
peanut butter, choco syrup, vanilla ice cream, honey and milk!! blend it together and big Yum!!! you should try it!!

top: cream lace dress worn as a top -H&M
skirt: pink super sheer chiffon -Audrey 1+3 (lulus)
shoes: tan t-strap heel - Franco sarto

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