Friday, January 25, 2013

Head of roses

cream skirt- sosie
lace top - F21
long cardigan- Tj maxx
 headband- custom made on etsy
boots- Ruche
6 toed cat- Mittens (hehe)

It's often people mistake my tops and bottoms combos for a dress or a romper... and I like that. creating an outfit out of a top and bottom to make it look like a one piece, is my favorite; it just feels more unique. So now you know that whenever I wear a dress is either because I ran out of time or had no clue what to wear :P.

This headband is so old!! I custom ordered it on Etsy a while back. I really liked how it complimented this particular outfit. 

On the last picture is the cutie 6 toed cat, found by my brother in law. I can swear he is a dog trapped inside a cat. His name is Mittens, considering he has 6 toes on each paw. I'm probably making Mancha Jealous :P


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