Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mancha and pattern mixing tips

Everyone meet my cutie kitty, Mancha, for those of you wondering where Mancha (the name) comes from, it means 'stain' in Spanish.

I was never a cat lover but when this rodent joined our family last year i gained the cutest, cuddliest cat in the planet. He lets me pick him up like a baby and jumps in my lap every afternoon when i come home from work. I love this munchkin.

Oh, and he loves rain, i dunno why, he is that strange cat, and i think it goes with his mysterious look, or is maybe that he is black it makes him look mysterious? :)... anyways, whoever said black cats weren't cute, you were wrong!

Oh, it's Mancha again, photobombing, I guess we didn't take enough pictures of him, he got jealous :P

My cutie panther, taking the spotlight :P

top-charlotte russe
skirt-Roxy (from 3 years ago)
flats-city classified-ebay

I'm combining two of my favorite patterns stripes and polka dot, tho i also love geo patterns with polka dots.
combining patterns is soo much fun! i seriously love the contrast. Remember that if you combine patterns the key is to use either two solid colors that go together (like in this case navy and yellow) and also another tip is to make sure one pattern has a color that is also in the second pattern (like the white polka dots go with the the white stripes on the top) hope that helps if you happen to venture into pattern mixing! have fun with it ;)

So It was raining all afternoon yesterday, but it feels like its been raining non stop considering i have mentioned rain a lot in my posts lately.

With tropical storm, Isaac, brushing through the Florida keys (which wasn't bad at all and not near us) i have to tell you i'm a wuss when it comes to hurricanes, mostly when we were in tornado warning one whole night, that i couldn't sleep (not till 4am). 

Is not often we get tornado warnings and considering the warning was from 11pm at night till 9am the next day, you can imagine how scared i was. 
That night I took Mancha to my room and like the cutie he is he cuddle against my belly, it was comforting. 
I seriously love this cat even tho sometimes he scratches and bites me when playing. :P 


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