Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gamer at heart

teal  Pants- Tillys
rust loafers- Target
blouse-F21 (old)

I Wore this outfit about 3 weeks ago, and since my last post had this same teal pants, might as well show you how I've worn them when the weather is not chilly.  

So, my husband is once again reading Harry Potter. He has probably read those books like 10 times (each) by now. The other day he bought the Harry Potter Lego video game and we have been playing it every night. It's actually pretty fun and he is surprised every time I ask him if we can play it. He forgets I'm a gamer at heart (golden eye, Mario kart, star wars. all oldies but goodies) just don't give me Halo or call of duty, hehe :P

Monday, February 25, 2013

Grid Pattern

Grid blazer- UO (old)
circle scarf- modcloth
pullover sweater- H+M
teal pants- Tillys
boots- ciao bella- DSW

Two Sundays ago there was a cold front and this is what I wore. Yesterday was the hottest Sunday in a while, which makes me sweat posting this outfit and also not look forward to summer heat at all. Yikes!
The grid print blazer was a Valentine's present from my husband about 3/4 years ago, I love its unique print and I should wear it more often. 

Did you watch the Oscars last night? Among my favorite movies last year was Cloud Atlas and I was upset to find out it didn't get any Oscar nominations this year. They should have, at least, gotten nominated for best make up, because it was awesome. But, it's OK  I was happy that Jennifer Lawrence got best Actress (her dress was gorgeous BTW  don't you think?) and that Anne Hathaway got best supporting role, she deserved it. Les Misérables was amazing. 

Since the best picture was Argo, is now a must see on my list! How about you? Any movies that got an Oscar that you haven't seen and now wish to do so?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine's date

cardigan and tie- HM
shirt- Express
pants- Denizen
boots- DSW

coat and skirt- Tulle4us
short pearls-thrifted
long pearls- premier jewelry

I can't say I love the color pink. It's perhaps the color you will rarely see me wear. But I do love the dusty version of it, like the tweed skirt I'm wearing or this dusty pink cardigan.
I really wanted to wear something red or something pinkish for our Valentine's date, but considering red is a color I'm just starting to build in my wardrobe, dusty pink it was.

Just like I mentioned on the previous post, I was so excited to finally wear a coat!! yay!
It was a chilly lovely night I got to spend with my husband (our first Valentine's, married!!! wooo) and even though it got to be super cold for us Floridians, I truly enjoyed last weekend, and I'm hoping we get another cold front soon. ::crossing fingers::

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not Bragging

Navy striped tank- Landsend
red pants- Tj maxx
flats- City classified

Posting summer outfits it's always strange when every other blogger you follow is covered in inches of snow. It's almost as if I was bragging of the sunny hot afternoons we get here, while everyone up north its freezing to the bone. But believe me, I'm not bragging, even if the 4th picture shows otherwise.

On the next post you will see my Valentine's date outfit on this same Saturday but at night time.
We finally, had a nice cold front come through this past weekend that it had people questioning if we were still in Florida.
I was just happy to finally wear a coat =]

P.S:  Wore this outfit to Brunch.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Anime Character

navy romper- UO
back button gold blouse- F21

Here I have talked about how to make a dress your own; but what about a romper? 
I recommend working with one that is strapless, but you can also use a sleeveless one. Just add a top, (short, long or 3/4 sleeve) and wear it underneath. I ended up creating a color block effect here, still making it look like a one piece item. 
A romper is like a dress, just as fun to work with. So have fun with it! mix prints, or any 2 solid colors and it's like you bought a new romper. Take a look (here) when I went to the fair and wore this romper with a blouse on top, instead.

...So my husband saw the last picture and told me I looked like an anime character. I just gave him the "what?!" look, but looking at this picture again I have to say I agree -___-  I just forgot to do the peace sign and it would've been complete. I'm a sailor moon fan at heart anyways, so it's ok. (and if you ever watched that show, my favorite character was Jupiter). 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Go with the Flow

skirt- lulu's
flats-city Classified
necklaces- Premier Designs
ring- gift

It's the day after Valentine's day! How was your lovely day/night?
Chris and I had a quite night making funfetti cupcakes (his favorite). He surprised me with flowers in the morning, which was a great way to start the day :). Tomorrow we will venture to Lincoln Rd in Miami FL, to celebrate the fancy way :P. 
Here is a post of the first time we venture there together for our 4 year anniversary.

A little bit of rain gave us a windy afternoon on Sunday, that I tried my best to pose with the most flowy skirt ever. I'm surprised I got a couple of shots that I was happy with. 
It's almost guaranteed that whenever I wear this skirt, it rains. Luckily this time it wasn't a monsoon like last time. But at least now I know that if we are ever on a drought, this skirt is coming out.

Side note: If I'm squinting my eyes, It's because it was bright outside, not that I'm trying to seduce. Ok, glad we are clear. lol