Saturday, December 3, 2011

At Lincoln Rd. with you

4 years with this wonderful guy!
he took me out on a lunch date during my break at work.
best lunch day ever!

these are the mugs i got him with our nicknames on the back :)

of course when i decide to make his presents all about mustaches he decides to shave.. but now we can use this cutie ornament as an excuse to tell everyone where his mustache went! lol
found this cutie one on etsy! 

here is my handsome date, wearing the shirt i had just gotten him as well :) 

for our date i wanted to go to south beach, on Lincoln Rd. there was a restaurant i had gone with some friends a couple months back and its really nice and fun there. we went to pizza Rustica and venture to a couple stores.. i love how south beach reminds me a lot of Miraflores, Peru. (where i lived for 14 yrs) 
i love the city and walking around.. its way more fun than saying lets go to a restaurant and then we DRIVE back home... (boring)... besides walking is healthy ;)

we walked all the way down to las espanola for coffee..what a beautiful cool and windy night! 

found this cutie christmas tree and asked the most awesome person to take the picture for us! this girl fixed my hair before the shot (since the wind had messed it up) and offered to take 2 pictures, a close one and a far away one with the tree! :) 
thank you awesome person!

here are my beautiful flowers he got me! i have to say that they smell awesome. i got home from our date and thought someone had made peach hot tea... just to walk closer to the flowers and realize they were the ones releasing the awesome scent.

burgundy tube top-AA
flower clip-etsy

Here's a video I did, enjoy:

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