Monday, October 22, 2012

To the Fair we go!

Lipstick, polka dots, ankle boots, romper, blouse in a knot. Let's go to the fair!!!

On Saturday I went on a lovely fun date with my fiance, Chris
I was soo excited!!!!!!!! :D!!!!!

  And this is the reason why!! I love Ferris wheels! Some kids tried to cut us off and they were lucky I didn't go all Spanish crazy on them. No one gets on the way between me and the Ferris wheel, mostly after waiting 30 min to get on this ride.

  This is my attempt of taking a picture from the highest point of the Ferris wheel, can you tell I was shaking? lol, So afraid of heights

Chris did a better job at taking it.


cotton candy!!! we asked for a small bag, now I have left overs for the whole week :D

Funnel cake!!!! funny thing, in Peru we have the same thing but instead of powder sugar we use a type of syrup, we call it Picarones.

  I love how this outfit came out, it was going to be either stripes or polka dots, but I've had this blouse for a year now and decided to give it a wear for the first time, and  it looked cute tied in a knot, so, yes,  polka dots won.
  The romper I'm wearing under the blouse, was my first romper ever a few years ago. It's one of my absolute favorites.

  This is me, overcoming my fear of taking pictures in public :D and that lady in the background was in some deep yawn! lol

  To the person who took this picture for us, big thank you! It was the best out of the bunch, that pretty much summed up our fun, loved filled evening.

polka dot blouse red and navy- Forever21
navy romper- urban outfitters
lace up boots- BC footwear

plaid shirt-quicksilver
navy shorts-target
watch: nixon

Here are pictures from the first time we went to the fair together. This was on our 1 year anniversary, we look so different:

back in the day I use to wear my scarves in my head like this :P



  1. Cute photos,love your polka dot blouse

  2. Looking amazing, lovely <3
    The best dates are fun ones!

    le fresne x

    1. thank you! <3 it was definitely a fun evening! :)

  3. Such cute photos! When Adrian and I went they weren't selling tickets anymore =[ so we just bought a funnel cake, took a few pictures and left. Hopefully another fair comes soon!

    Btw, I love the pictures from the fair on your one year anniversary! You two look so different!

    1. what?!? what time did you get there? and funne cakel is soo good!!!!! in November there should be more fairs, I was actually surprised there was a fair on october.

      and thank you!! :D <3 yes! very different!!! even my eyeliner was done differenlty lol, what was i thinking ahah!