Monday, January 28, 2013

Make it your own

Dress- HM
necklace- billabong
loafers- UO
Fedora- F21

On the last post I mentioned how I love to mix top and bottoms to create a unique outfit and that whenever you would see me on a dress it was because I either didn't have a clue what to wear or I just ran out of time. well, here I woke up from a nap realizing my husband and I were late to a party. With that said, the first thing I thought was a dress and the accessories just fell into place in minutes, thankfully. 
Nothing like adding accessories to a dress: fedora, glasses, and necklace, I was ready to go, and that is what is fun about a dress, you can add anything to it, a shirt on topa shirt undera skirt on topknee socksan over sized sweateranother over sized sweater over dress I mean the options are endless, you just have to have fun and make it your own.


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