Friday, February 28, 2014


 photo 12772095174_3ab59965e3_c_zpsf173ee3c.jpg
 photo 12771654655_53509971c0_c_zps5da76281.jpg
 photo 12771636775_78e3cc0c71_c_zpsbc3e2e30.jpg
 photo 12771649925_03925ae93e_c_zpsf80741d7.jpg
 photo 12771780053_5838502e20_c_zps933d3a57.jpg
 photo 12771783613_4380b314b2_c_zps1fb2273f.jpg

sweater- Anthropologie
boots- Bedstu
jeggings- Delias
blouse- HM
hat- Cottonon

So I have decided. 
I'm going to dye my hair 0_0 

kind of scared/excited about it. 
Still trying to decide shades on the light auburn department. So you can see why I should be scared, it could come out good, or really bad. But I'm hoping it won't be like the color of this sweater- Terra. 

Although I love it on the sweater, I don't think I'm ready for clown orange hair-Actually, not ever.
So crossing fingers I pick the right shade! 

P.S. Any help will be appreciated :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

No Shoelaces

 photo 12195478673_4628b595ec_c_zpsf7b8d24e.jpg
 photo 12195545544_57b65596bd_c_zpsa409ea9d.jpg
 photo 12195601734_e4cc8843f0_c_zps6ee87a07.jpg
 photo 12195294215_a28a7f1636_c_zps213c2ce4.jpg
 photo 12195866726_38fb907193_c_zps8ac0a0f4.jpg

chunky sweater- HM
belt- Modcloth
shirt and boots- Anthropologie

When I got a gift card for Christmas, I knew immediately I wanted to get these boots.
They are definitely on the unique side, and my friends jokingly say that I'm missing shoelaces, every time I wear them, lol.

This past weekend, my husband, Chris, went out of town on a -first time- snow board trip.
While he was away, I went ahead and started on what it looks like- the longest project ever- A rug for my living room
Rugs are pretty expensive, so I decided to make my own, in the hopes that it turns out good ::crossing fingers::
It's coming along great, so hopefully I'll be able to show you soon, and then you can learn how to make your own too! :D

P.s. Oh yeah, almost forgot, this is the new layout. You are not in a different blog ;)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anchor's aweigh

 photo 12575935313_99232a1b07_c_zpsd43d8aa5.jpg
 photo 12576311754_6e24706885_b_zps345cf693.jpg
 photo 12575854835_5a4100e8e6_c_zpsa2c6dd83.jpg
 photo 12575836125_3e5da501b0_c_zps760b6edb.jpg
 photo 12575832805_d39dd750a4_c_zpsc82c1f93.jpg
 photo 12575930983_7de49b4f72_c_zps0bfc8c32.jpg
 photo 12575842235_5f76e516aa_c_zpsd9bfb786.jpg
 photo 12575951223_69868f0c10_c_zps968c87b2.jpg
 photo 12575955283_bc502cb1aa_c_zpsc3fb7592.jpg
 photo 12575945263_422c8b16b1_c_zps7f74be21.jpg

top- HM
cardigan and boots-Anthropologie

This flowy long skirt, it's a fun one to wear, hands down. 
I'm even wearing heeled boots, and it's still almost touching the floor. I love that.

I wore this to our church, The Anchor Church, one year anniversary on January 26th. 
What?!!! It's kind of crazy to think it's been a year since it all begun!!!!
I remember when we first started, and met in a living room

It's a huge blessing to be able to see how far God has brought us and continues to grow us, as a family and as a church.

 photo 1655395_752507251433800_1113616643_o_zps05537b06.jpg
 photo 1547994_752505148100677_595488293_o_zpsef1ea07d.jpg
 photo 1501352_752505301433995_1006284293_o_zps5153a234.jpg
 photo 1507415_752505361433989_299377457_o_zps304f966f.jpg
 photo 1506263_752505544767304_686791947_o_zps4bc8e75d.jpg
 photo 1014908_752505594767299_1872575430_o_zpsb7207783.jpg

 photo 1496326_752505331433992_1780584466_o_zps834d71fe.jpg
 photo 1522793_752506338100558_778022339_o_zpsf77a227f.jpg
 photo 1523504_752505968100595_315197381_o_zps4ce3b694.jpg
 photo 1485922_752506028100589_1492835986_o_zpsabf6d66f.jpg

To our pastor Erik Bennett and family, a huge thanks for leading a God centered church, we can all call family.
 photo 1557314_752507881433737_50530301_o_zps4b7e8296.jpg

Monday, February 10, 2014

Oh the bitter winds...

 photo 12183768806_6d1ccc0c01_c_zpsca80c939.jpg
 photo 12183361163_281eae63ee_c_zpsfea52dcb.jpg
 photo 12183128065_1719f41c05_c_zps37fad8cf.jpg
 photo 12183116475_c9b9590651_c_zps6914bb0e.jpg
 photo 12183546474_dcdf1b6975_c_zps891eeedb.jpg
 photo 12183533844_bda11b93f5_c_zpsc77a0286.jpg
 photo 12183760106_81e5e70745_c_zps625a6700.jpg photo 12183139605_d944363a07_c_zps65f468f1.jpg photo 12183746776_9614978bb8_c_zpse21cf44d.jpg
  photo 12183758226_03462fa8aa_c_zps257f2403.jpg

sweater- Anthro
boots- modesta
belt- modcloth

This outfit is from a few weeks ago. I love this sweater, it's comfortable and beautifully crafted.
Big sweaters, maxis and boots. One of my favorites.

So tell me again, why are weekends so short?!!!

Chris and I headed to Orlando, this past weekend, to celebrate our Valentine's early.
But we have to agree that next vacation will just have to be longer than 2 days, no question...

...Regardless, we had a wonderful time, and of course, we went to Harry Potter world-our usual spot. 
-Yes I know, we should just move there- lol. 

The weather was wonderful, around the 50-60's -Best ever!!!- Plus I had packed like 5 sweaters, so I was more than ready to face the winds. :D

P.S. If you go on my Instagram and/or just look up the hashtag:  #RossersgoOrlando you'll get a glimpse of our weekend. :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Where did January go?

 photo 12041406784_1ba434d38c_c_zps083862c3.jpg
 photo 12041897286_d6141a1609_c_zps9a21f64f.jpg
 photo 12041399684_b6a3eb5a26_c_zps5f79b3e4.jpg
 photo 12041044905_466ca96801_c_zps11593ab0.jpg
 photo 12041326963_b866aef387_c_zpsb7a8edd9.jpg
 photo 12041411394_6f481aff89_c_zpsb42024d7.jpg
 photo 12041887036_1b806d5471_c_zpsc270db59.jpg
 photo 12041404324_9945ee8520_c_zps76f66743.jpg

skirt- Lulu's
boots- Anthro
blouse- Ruche
belt- Modcloth

I know I haven't been posting as often, but where did January go?
It's like time goes much quicker, as I get older; and to think that later this year I'll be 27, and my husband will be 30- what?- That's scary!!
...We are grandparents, without grandchildren
...Nah... late 20's, early 30's still pretty young. Right?! :D

So Chris and I will be going again to Orlando this weekend, for an early Valentine's/a much needed mini vacation.
We've been doing a bit better since all that happened at the beginning of the year, but in all truth, if it wasn't for God, our friends and family, this would've been a much harder process.

Seriously, to everyone of those special people in our lives, if you are reading this, you are amazing, and we thank God everyday for you, your prayers, and for being there for us!!! 
We love you <3