Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the Ankle boots



mint shorts- F21
ankle boots-F21
polka dot blouse-F21

  Hello Ankle boots! is not winter yet but if we have to say that is "FALL" then I better look like it. and if my friend Lauren can survive in hers I can battle the heat as well!! 
shout out to Lauren from here: she is awesome and our convos make no sense at all and they are full of emojis and cats! lol!! hi Lauren!!! :D meow!

  So, Sunday night Anchor Church first service ever, was held at a house. We led worship and our pastor, Erik Bennett, preached.
We were originally going to start next year, but God opened a house where we can meet for now, and we are so so thankful for that! It was beautiful to sing worship as one, no mics, and to know that we don't need all of that to praise Him.
Be in prayer for our Sunday night services at Anchor Church