Friday, June 28, 2013

The problem and the scary part

I would be lying to you if I told you this sandals are new... I bought them exactly a year ago, but this is the first time I'm wearing them. I'm just not a sandal wearer, I'm a closed shoe kind of gal

The problem? I just really don't like feet. 
The scary part? all my friends know this, and if they ever want to annoy me they start levitating their feet towards my face... yes, my husband does the same...
 No worries, they love me so much. 0_o

So I finally decided to wear this sandals out for the first time on Saturday. They feel like brand new shoes, even tho they've been dusting in the back of my closet for a while. But I have decided, my feet need to breathe during this hot, hot summer. I may not wear them a whole lot, but my feet would be happy to see the sun from time to time. 
At least my legs aren't tan!!!!!! 

Shorts- 2020ave
tank- Cottonon
sandals- Aldos

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Safety Pins

 Last week Chris and I ventured to the movies for the Great Gatsby. 
What a tragic movie, I had completely forgotten how sad it was... overall a good movie to watch.

It's summer, I know. You are probably wondering why I have a blazer on. 
But when you freeze at the movies, bringing something to keep you warm is a must. 
Most likely the real temperature inside the theater is 50 degrees. Not really, but I get cold easily.  

I was craving chicken at the movie theater, and let's face it, eating while watching a movie, trying not to make a mess in the dark, is pretty hard.
So, why doesn't the movie theater sell popcorn chicken? you would think it would be the smartest thing to sell... easy to eat and hello!! its POPCORN chicken... 
They should also consider selling coffee if they don't want me to keep bringing my Starbucks cup :P

blazer- F21
Safety Pins tee- HM
pants- Cottonon

Monday, June 24, 2013

We are just a great team

I wore this outfit 2 weeks ago and I wore it yesterday evening, again, to do some grocery shopping. 
Nothing like a denim shirt that's both comfy, practical and cute :)
Acid wash denim? yes, that's so 90's.

Chris and I went to do our usual grocery shopping, yesterday. 
I have to say I always have fun picking out the groceries with him. 
We have tons of  food in the fridge for the week now, which is awesome. Budget wise? we are getting better with every grocery purchase we make. Yay! that's progress! lol.
We are just a great team :D  .

denim blouse- Cottonon
leggings- HM
flats- City Classfied
leather bracelet- Cottonon

Friday, June 21, 2013


 My crazy pants, making a comeback on the blog. 
They are red, so I guess in a sense I could possibly say, I'm celebrating that the Heat won. woo!

I'm not a big fan of watching sports. I love playing them, but watching them? eh, not so much. 
I still managed to endure all 4 quarters of the game last night, and it wasn't too bad. 
Also watching your friends scream at the TV is always fun :P

Talking about sports, Chris and I noticed there's a volleyball net on our neighborhood. 
I'm quite excited :D

pants- HM
blouse- Quicksilver
heels-Franco Sarto
necklace- F21

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No Mac and No Bangs

  I was not dancing while snapping my fingers on this picture, what are you talking about...

Not having my Mac for 2 weeks now. I'm starting to have withdrawals, not really, but It's been a challenge.
Nothing like getting a call from the place that is having it fixed, and was supposed to have it ready about a week ago, to tell you they got shipped the wrong part, so now I have to wait an extra week, yay!! lol, oh well, it's not the end of the world :P

So, I love this dress. It has pockets, it's color blocked, black and white (my favorite right now), and the shape is simply awesome and simple while remaining elegant. 
I'm really into shift dresses, I just need my straight bangs to complete the 60's mod look 
But no, I''ve decided to not have the bangs back for a while.

dress- Cottonon
heels-Franco Sarto
pearls- Premier Designs
ring- Sosie
cuff- nectar

Monday, June 17, 2013

Little Tail

This high low top (also worn here) is my favorite staple shirt. I call it little tail, I'm sure you can see why :D 
whenever I can't think of what to wear with my leggings, this top comes to mind. 
Its neutral, a perfect shade of white, great length, and it goes great with everything.

I wore this to the movie theater on Tuesday.
I saw "now you see me"
Let me tell you, it was really good, one of those that are unexpected... and that's all I'm saying.. no spoilers allowed here :P

tee- Cottonon
denim blazer- F21
leggings- HM
necklace-Premier Designs