Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cobalt and Secret Menus

high-low tee, scarf and leggings- Cotton on
blazer- F21

Back when I got these leggings, online, I was expecting more of a navy pair... little did I know the site considered 'blue ink' to be cobalt. But its ok, I ended up liking them :) 
It's a fun color to combine with green and camel. I really liked how this color combination came out.

So deviating from the above topic I have to share that Chris and I have been venturing to Starbucks more, ever since we heard of their Secret menu. Yes, you heard that right. We googled it, and there are tons of different options. 
One of my favorites is called Red Tux. It's pretty much a mocha frapp with 2 pumps of raspberry. Let me tell you that if you order it, you wont regret it! I've yet to try their Butterbeer frapp. yup they have that! mind explosion for all Harry Potter fans. :P you know you want to try it too.