Monday, July 29, 2013

Fun Fringe

I love this top, the fun fringe (perfect for twirling, I must add) and the 20's vibe it gives. 
Next time to make it more 20's, I need to wear a mini skirt, pearls, fishnet tights, t-straps, some feathers and a headband. 
Oh, it's happening :P

Btw anyone with a coffee mug in hand right this moment?... meeee!
Don't judge, It's Monday after all.

top- Nectar
cardigan - cottonon
flower clips and boots - Asos
tights- Hm
necklace- Premier Designs

Thursday, July 25, 2013

keeping Saturday casual

Last week, this was my casual Saturday outfit, just running errands and enjoying a coffee date with Chris. 
You can't tell by this pictures, but it was definitely drizzling a bit. 
I seriously can't wait 'till raining season is over.

Posting on a Thursday? what?!...
I'll be posting twice a week instead of 3 times, since it works the best for me right now.

So remember to check the page Monday and Thursdays for new posts! ;)

shirt- Old navy
shorts- Wetseal
oxfords- Aldo
watch- Daniel Wellington
scarf- Present
bag- Lulu's

Monday, July 22, 2013

Pointy toe boots

 I feel like, lately, almost every outfit post I have on the blog is from going to the movies. 
I swear, is not all I do, lol. But I must admit that there's a ton of good movies out there to watch.
Pacific Rim, for example. A movie I wouldn't have seen if it wasn't for my husband showing me the trailer, that caught my attention. 
I loved the movie.

BTW remember when I said I'm all about the pointy toe
Well, this ankle boots prove my weakness. They could also be used as a defense mechanism, if I can kick, that is :P

blazer- Tj Maxx
jeggings- Delia's
blouse- Cottonon
boots- Asos
watch- Daniel Wellington

Friday, July 19, 2013

AAhhh! Zombies!

Last week I headed out to the movies to watch "World war Z". Anyone seen it yet? 
The whole time watching it I was so tense. 

Considering I'm not a fan of scary movies anymore (I used to be when I was younger) I love any good movies/games zombie related. 
Chris and I play Left for dead on the Xbox and It gets my heart pumping every time, that it should be considered a cardio workout, lol. It's so much fun! 

Ahh Zombies!!?
bring it on!

Old pic of Chris and I, charging for a Zombie battle on the xbox! lol 
I think It should be a movie poster :P

Brogues- UO
jeggings- Delias
lace back tunic- Missguided
scarf- Present
watch- Daniel Wellington
bag- Lulus

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Romper or dress?

Once again wearing all black, whites/creams, but this time with a hint of green on the belt.
I love this romper, it could easily pass up as a dress, don't you think?

So yesterday we heard the heartbreaking news that my mother in law's dog, passed away :'(   
He was such a loyal, sweet, happy dog, always yelping with excitement when he would see mom come home from work

...You were a cutie Mr. Pugsley, and we will miss you lots <3

Romper and Cardigan- Cottonon
belt- Anthropologie
bag- Lulu's
tights- Target
shoes- Chelsea Crew
necklace- Premier Designs

Monday, July 15, 2013

On a hunt for a couch

As mentioned on my previous post, Chris and I are watching a cute kitty.
He is a sweetie and if you happen to follow me on Instagram,  you probably have already seen his cute face :P

On Wednesday last week, this was my let's go couch hunting outfit. We still haven't found the right couch yet, but I left Ikea buying some cute vases and fake flowers (picture bellow).

Seriously, could you leave that place with empty hands?

P.S. Make sure to follow me on Instagram ;)

pants- Tilly's
tee- F21
bag- Lulu's
hat- Asos

Friday, July 12, 2013

Raining cats and dogs

Rain rain rain, everyday. Yay summer!! My skirt here, matches the sky outside :P

So I'm excited! Chris and I will be taking care of a baby kitten for 3 weeks starting this weekend :D 
I seriously can't wait to have the cutie walking around the house, even if it's just for a little while ^^ 
I'll promise to take pictures of him :P 

And for those of you that don't like cats, no worries, I do love dogs! 
Chris and I are thinking to later on, own a french bulldog <3

denim blazer and blouse- F21
skirt- Cottonon
bracelet- nastygal