Monday, February 18, 2013

Anime Character

navy romper- UO
back button gold blouse- F21

Here I have talked about how to make a dress your own; but what about a romper? 
I recommend working with one that is strapless, but you can also use a sleeveless one. Just add a top, (short, long or 3/4 sleeve) and wear it underneath. I ended up creating a color block effect here, still making it look like a one piece item. 
A romper is like a dress, just as fun to work with. So have fun with it! mix prints, or any 2 solid colors and it's like you bought a new romper. Take a look (here) when I went to the fair and wore this romper with a blouse on top, instead.

...So my husband saw the last picture and told me I looked like an anime character. I just gave him the "what?!" look, but looking at this picture again I have to say I agree -___-  I just forgot to do the peace sign and it would've been complete. I'm a sailor moon fan at heart anyways, so it's ok. (and if you ever watched that show, my favorite character was Jupiter). 


  1. Lovely dress
    Great look

  2. Cute outfit, love your necklace!