Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Late night movie

camel blazer- F21
striped tee- Stylemint
jeggings- Delias
watch- Daniel wellington
cognac oxfords- Aldo
necklace- present

I have to say my hair looks so dry on that first picture but I finally get my haircut today, so hopefully my hair will start behaving in gratitude.
Long hair is way too complicated to take care of, tho I did like having it on this length for a while , I'm not sure I can deal with it any longer. Every time I roll over to the other side of the bed, my hair is like a long telephone chord on a spinning chair. Maybe having it in a ponytail would've helped when going to bed, but when my hair is tied while sleeping my scalp is sore the next morning,  so that said, that option is a no go.
Changing the subject a bit, I want to thank Couldihavethat for the awesome Daniel Welilngton watch giveaway about a month ago. I was the lucky winner and here I'm sporting it on this post. It's the perfect watch, even my husband wants to wear it, but that is not happening, considering that I'm wearing it 24/7
The lovely necklace I'm wearing was a present from my friend Lauren. It has a penny farthing in it. I love it! .I wore this to go to a late night movie with her. She is now a twilight fan! and she will probably kill me for saying that, haha!

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!


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