Monday, February 10, 2014

Oh the bitter winds...

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 photo 12183361163_281eae63ee_c_zpsfea52dcb.jpg
 photo 12183128065_1719f41c05_c_zps37fad8cf.jpg
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 photo 12183760106_81e5e70745_c_zps625a6700.jpg photo 12183139605_d944363a07_c_zps65f468f1.jpg photo 12183746776_9614978bb8_c_zpse21cf44d.jpg
  photo 12183758226_03462fa8aa_c_zps257f2403.jpg

sweater- Anthro
boots- modesta
belt- modcloth

This outfit is from a few weeks ago. I love this sweater, it's comfortable and beautifully crafted.
Big sweaters, maxis and boots. One of my favorites.

So tell me again, why are weekends so short?!!!

Chris and I headed to Orlando, this past weekend, to celebrate our Valentine's early.
But we have to agree that next vacation will just have to be longer than 2 days, no question...

...Regardless, we had a wonderful time, and of course, we went to Harry Potter world-our usual spot. 
-Yes I know, we should just move there- lol. 

The weather was wonderful, around the 50-60's -Best ever!!!- Plus I had packed like 5 sweaters, so I was more than ready to face the winds. :D

P.S. If you go on my Instagram and/or just look up the hashtag:  #RossersgoOrlando you'll get a glimpse of our weekend. :)

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  1. I just love the bohemian vibe of this look, Lizette, it's so pretty! You always have the best boots, this lace up pair is just fabulous.