Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anchor's aweigh

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top- HM
cardigan and boots-Anthropologie

This flowy long skirt, it's a fun one to wear, hands down. 
I'm even wearing heeled boots, and it's still almost touching the floor. I love that.

I wore this to our church, The Anchor Church, one year anniversary on January 26th. 
What?!!! It's kind of crazy to think it's been a year since it all begun!!!!
I remember when we first started, and met in a living room

It's a huge blessing to be able to see how far God has brought us and continues to grow us, as a family and as a church.

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To our pastor Erik Bennett and family, a huge thanks for leading a God centered church, we can all call family.
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  1. Very cute :)


  2. You look really cute!

    x Angela

  3. This is amazing. And made my heart full. Churches are amazing - especially growing ones. So exciting! And I love seeing what God does outside of Milwaukee. So encouraging. YYEEAA God! :)