Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Leather Jacket

photo 3-4
photo 2-4
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Jacket and leggings- H+M
boots- Ruche 

When I got this jacket a couple of months ago, I was very excited, until I walked out of the store and was hugged by a heat wave... Florida.

I had been wanting a leather jacket for years. So I couldn't wait to wear this one the first opportunity a cold front showed.
I heard tonight it will be 50 degrees. For us Floridians that's glorious!!! well, speaking for me, that is :P
I'm going to get my hot chocolate ready!!! 

Changing the subject, tomorrow it's thanksgiving!!! or how I like to call it 'eat till your belly can't handle' ....Nah, haha, hope you all have a wonderful day with family and friends.

Also who is excited to start decorating for Christmas? :D
I just love this time of year.

P.S. We have a cute guest for the week of thanksgiving!!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Busy November

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photo 5 (5)
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sweater vest- Ruche
dress- Francesca's
heels- Franco Sarto

Once again we go back an hour and it gets dark so early, that is tough taking pictures for the blog. 
Not sure if I like pictures being taken at night. But do expect that could happen at some point, hehe. 

So, November of this year has been the busiest, but fun! From attending a wedding, to a shower, and Chris's and I mini trip for our 1 year of marriage. All kinds of fun activities, and one coming up next moth, my sweet sissy's, Laurie, wedding 
I'm so happy for her and her soon to be husband, Kishore. 
They are seriously perfect together, and can't wait to celebrate their marriage with them.

Love you LULU <3
photo (12)

-My sissy Laurie and I-

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Home


I didn't have time to edit the pictures on time for a Monday post, so I figured a day after, wouldn't hurt. 
But today I'm here to post something different. 

I've been a busy bee around our home to make it home, that I figured I share with you, what I've done so far :D

Here it goes!
Welcome to our home!


This mirrors are from target and it was love at first sight. When I found out they were on sale, my knees went weak, and so did my wallet, lol
I had seen target hang them from ropes, so I went to Home Depot and got the rope.
The rope was really cheap so it was an easy, cute cheap decoration to add to our place.

 Cute Fact: The flower on the right is real. It was from the first bouquet of flowers Chris gave me when we first moved in to this apartment. :)


This corner of the house.... ayiyi!!!!! It has changed like 6 times, not joke. 
If you follow my Instagram, you will see the 2 different ways I've styled it. (The other 4 options weren't that great, so no post of those hehe)
But I like how it looks now, let's hope It stays like this for a while.


I found this milk can for 7 dollars and painted it mint, adding brown to give it a rusted look. It's now on top of my fridge, in the kitchen, sitting pretty :)

 This old ladder was on ebay for 14 dollars. I love it!! 
I want to hang something from it. But I've yet to figure that one out.


The dinning room is not close to be ever finished, lol. But one of the first things we did to it was buy a mirror, which we love and really helps make the house look slightly bigger. 
Mirrors are like magic ;)

thanks to a couple of  our friends we were able to have a table and 4 chairs for our dining room. And we are so thankful for that.

This hanging lights make my heart flutter every time they light up the room. They are just so pretty :)

I call this, the awkward spot in the house. 
This is right between our dinning room and living room. 

When we first moved in, I told Chris this wasn't going to stay. It just looked messy and out of place to me. It's been about 6 months since we moved in, and all I did was reorganize it. I'm still not sure if I'll keep it in this spot or move it to the guest bedroom, instead.
But I guess when we stop using the guest room as a storage room, we can then, hopefully, figure out where this shelf will go.

No, those are not vintage books. My husband has read Harry Potter so many times, I can't keep count. 
But I'm sure the deteriorated looking books, can most likely tell you.

I use this big suitcase (above) and the wooden crate to store all the movies we have. So they just don't sit pretty they actually keep me organized :D

The living room is the first one we decided to start working on. It's not finished, and some things may move around. But it's the place we hang out the most. So I wanted to start by putting this room together, first.

One of our friend's parents, were remodeling their home around the time we were moving into our new place. So when they told us if we needed a coffee table, side tables and lamps, we did not hesitate lol. 
They are the sweetest giving people I know and they seriously helped us tremendously. Many many infinte thanks to them!


With the leftover rope I had from the hanging mirrors, I decided to put some of it in this beautiful wine bottle. It was really easy! the rope pretty much coils itself as you push it in. 


The wheel and the suitcase are both from our wedding, and make up for a cute decor.



The couch was a nightmare to assemble, lol.  I had been looking for a couch for a while. All we had was an old uncomfortable love seat at the time. 
I found one (buy online only) couch and I was so excited, the price was not bad and we were going for it. 

On a Saturday morning before I made the online purchase for the couch, I went to get the mail and to my surprise the same couch that I wanted online, was at a local store 200 dollars cheaper, on sale!!!!! :D!!!! So always always look at your junk mail, lol.


Chris found this cute flower one morning when he was opening at work. It was hanging from the lock at the door, so he brought it home to me. That was about 8 months ago. 
I'm glad I kept it all this time. It looks cute on the wall.


Mint and mustard/camel one of my favorites :) 

 And now how Warner Bros. says it


That's all Folks! 

P.S see you Thursday with an outfit post! :D

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Packing and Pups


When Chris and I headed out on our mini trip, I planned all of my outfits the night before, like I always do. 
I knew I only needed a total of 3 outfits: One for Saturday during the day, one for a dinner and one for the park on Sunday.

Well as it turns out (like always) I over packed. 
No joke, I could've survived a full week, away from home, if I wanted to.

Out of the 3 outfits I had planned, this one here, wasn't even it. 
I knew I wanted to wear my hat and I had planned to wear it with a simple cream blouse. But the day of, I really wanted to wear my puppy blouse--Conflict!!! lol 
Lucky for me the two items, the puppy blouse and the hat, ended up working out great together. 

I'm starting to realize that maybe, to pack, I don't need to plan outfits ahead of time, I should just stick all my current favorite pieces in my luggage, in the hopes that they all work great together. :P

Of course I could always buy a caravan and carry my whole closet, But I can see Chris saying "you brought it, you carry it" so nah, lets stick to light packing.

blouse- Modcloth (present)
hat- Anthropologie (present)
boots- Modesta
necklace- Premier Designs