Monday, September 30, 2013

uh oh, where did Lizette Go?


Hey guys so the wonderful Ilana, from My Modern Vintage  asked me to do a guest post over at her blog, today, while she is away.
So head on over to My Modern Vintage to see my outfit post there!

P.S I will be back on my blog, Thursday :D

Thursday, September 26, 2013

pants and blouse make a jumpsuit

Usually two pieces that are both the same color, never match exactly. One of them always ends up being lighter than the other shade and such, and you can always tell. Not that it matters, but I'm a little meticulous. 

For this outfit, I seriously lucked out. The two pieces were bought at different times in different stores and they make this two piece outfit look like a one piece. 

So what did I just make? a jumpsuit :D

blouse- HM
boots- Anthropologie
scarf- present
neccklace- Premier designs

Monday, September 23, 2013

About time

I tried my best (I think) to edit this pictures. 
The lighting just wasn't great in some shots, but this outfit it's one that has been worn many times, to different occasions, and it was about time it showed up on my blog. Right? lol.
It's one of my favorites. ^^

yay! it's Monday! and that's me being sarcastic.. -_-

BTW anyone excited that the series Revenge is starting back up? eek!

skirt- Ruche
cropped sweater tee- Sosie
boots- Modesta
necklace- Premier Designs

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Plus Plus

If there is a pair of pants that I've had for a couple months and regret not wearing before, it's this pair.

 I bought them on final sale for 15, originally 30. 
I was a little self conscious when I first got them, doubting myself and complaining that it made my bottom look too big. So they went to my drawer to be worn when lounging at home.

As it happens, I forgot all about them and they never saw daylight till last week, just when confidence took over. 

The loose fit is starting to grow on me,  plus they are so comfortable.
Also a friend told me that the print reminded her of Peru, which is where I am from... so that's even more of a plus plus! :D

pants- Downeastbasics
boots- Anthropologie
blouse- Ruche
necklace- Premier Designs

Monday, September 16, 2013

Busy, Crafty, Bee

So this past Saturday, I was a busy, crafty, bee. 

If you follow me on Instagram,  I apologize for the huge amount of posts that happened that day. But I was really happy with how all my crafts turned out. 

Two of them, are shown bellow. A cute fabric banner I made for my friend's bridal shower and a milk can I painted, to use for decoration in my home.

I seriously don't know where my energy came from, but I know that energy doesn't show often. So taking advantage of days like that, is a must!

hope your weekend was lovely <3

PS: Click HERE to see how I've styed this dress before ;)

dress- F21
scarf- present
boots- Anthropologie
bag- F21

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Childhood Horror

Thanks to the hair bun I was wearing earlier, I acquired wavysh hair with volume for these shots. 
If my hair was always like this, I would actually consider my childhood horror.

When I was a kid my grandma cut my hair every Sunday, no joke. 
It was so short my whole childhood, and by short I mean it was way above my shoulders. 

I looked like a mushroom... that was my childhood horror.

When I entered my teenage years I was determined to go against cutting it, and from there on its always been long. 

Will I ever cut it? 
Probably someday, and if I still have this blog you will probably see it too :P 

shorts- UO
blouse- Ruche
bag- Volcom
flats- Chelse crew

Monday, September 9, 2013

Silly me

Remember when I said this color boots, on this color concrete, were a no go for pictures? 
Well, for this post I forgot all about it :P
But see what I mean? lol

I went on a date to Bonefish, with my husband, a couple weeks ago. This is what I wore.  
I love it when Chris asks me out on dates. I know we are married, but still makes me all excited about going out with him. 
Silly me ^^

At the restaurant, Chris and I spotted an old cute couple all dressed up, having dinner.
Couldn't help but to imagine us in the future :) ... 

...this handsome man and I <3

dress- F21
boots- Anthropologie
necklace- Premier Designs

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Shirtdress, again

I've noticed that this dress is hard to photograph. 
If  there isn't the right amount of light, the print just won't show as much. 
In other words, to edit this pictures was a pain!! lol.

So I've  always worn this dress with a belt, but this time I chose to wear it as is.
Click HERE to see how I've worn it before :)

side note:  I know I always complain how pale I am, but, no, my legs aren't that pale; I'm wearing tights, lol.

dress- Tulle4us
tights- Francesca's
bag- Volcom
necklace- Premier Designs