Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Make a Shift Dress

A couple Sundays ago in the evening I headed out to Las Olas with my friend Lauren to celebrate her birthday. I always have fun with her even when we go to the loudest restaurant and can't hear anything!! lol

side note: Instead of knotting my blouse or tucking it in, I wore my shirt on top of my skirt to give it a colorblock shift shape dress effect look. kind of 1920's 

We match! typical!! I almost wore my glasses too and she almost wore a hat, so we would've matched even more lol.

We both like to walk, so after dinner we walked for a long time, burning off all those calories we ate... (a salad) haha... But of course I had worn the wrong shoes for walking.
I'll just have to remember to bring an emergency pair of shoes next time.
My feet would be grateful :P

Skirt + Top: HM
Porkpie Hat- Asos
Necklace- F21
Heel Oxfords- Chelsea Crew 


  1. I love your outfit, especially the top and necklace !


  2. great outfit!!

  3. So cute!! Totally thought it was a dress to begin with. And love that skirt on its own as well!
    xx, Emily
    shell chic'd

  4. I love that hat! and how you styled everything. You look great!

  5. Simplicity and beauty. Like your style