Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I've been having way too much fun taking pictures on the house next to mine. They have the cutest little porch and the only reason I've been able to use it on my pictures it's because the house is on sale, so until someone buys it, you'll be seeing this cute little porch.

So aside from the color of the skirt being like an emerald green (Esmeralda in Spanish), the name for this post came about because of the 8th picture. My husband, when taking my pictures, uses continuous shooting, meaning that by the end of the day I have about 300 pictures, from one outfit alone, to edit and choose from (can't complain, lol). 
On that particular shot I was twirling and that pose was my favorite, reminding me of  Esmeralda from the hunchback of Notre Dame. Which by the way, who loved that movie when little?... in fact I want to watch it now that I've mentioned it. 
Now I wonder, why didn't I use my tambourine for this post? it would've been perfect!!

leaf headband- Urban Outfitters (also worn HERE)
skirt- Urban outfitters (also worn HERE)
sleeveless blouse- HM
flats- City classified


  1. Beautiful skirt on a beautiful girl! Love the headband!

    xo Jennifer

  2. You have the most amazing style.

  3. Super cute asymmetrical dress! What a beautiful color too! You looked like you were having a lot of fun with the photoshoot :)
    LOVE the hairband too!!