Wednesday, March 27, 2013

spring and sunsets

wearing my pastels for spring? I think yes!
It was so hot on Saturday that I even considered running trough sprinklers, and is not even summer yet.

Talking about sprinklers reminded me of summer in Peru. Every year on the hottest month of the year (February) you had to be careful when setting foot outside your house. At every street corner and roofs there would be (and I'm sure this still happens) people hiding with water balloons ready to be thrown at you. It doesn't matter if you were/are all dressed up for work, you may as well pack a change of clothes everywhere you go.

One year my friends (all the guys) got in trouble with the water balloons so ever since we decided to keep it within the group. We would put on our bathing suits and have a girls against boys water balloon wars! 
I was terrible at it. For some reason my water balloons would always bounce off my target and never pop.. lol, but regardless those summer days were so much fun.

shorts- UO
flats- UO
blouse- HM
necklace- Urbanog
mint bag- target

Monday, March 25, 2013

I hear wedding bells!!!

floral romper- UO
boots- Modesta
watch- Daniel Wellington

I still remember the day I got this romper. It had a missing button and because of that I got a discount! woo! lol. 
I've worn this romper several times; with a skirt on top: HERE, on my save the date video: HERE
To a friend's birthday a while ago. 
This time I wore it to another friend' birthday, Adrian. We had it at the park around town where they have food trucks every Tuesday. So it was a lot of fun and a lot of food choices.

The last friend I mentioned, I'm so excited to announce he just got engaged to a wonderful girl and friend. They've been dating for three years and he finally asked her yesterday and I couldn't be happier for them. 
Go and visit my friend Alyssa on her blog NecklinetoHem and leave her love and a big congratulations comment, because she said Yes!!!!

P.S. Congratulations Alyssa and Adrian!!!! <3 I hear wedding bells!!! xoxoxo

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Pointy toe

dress, pearls- F21
shoes- UO
purse- Volcolm

When it comes to flats, I'm all about the pointy toe. They are my favorite.
How about you? almond toe, round, square or pointy? 

So, if you haven't noticed I have slowly transitioned my hair from bangs to the puff. I think I will stay away from bangs for a while, which still it doesn't justify the fact that I am, indeed, in need of a trim. :P

Happy Friday!!


P.S.: See how I've worn this dress here

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Green for Patty's

Skirt, shoes- UO
blouse- Quicksilver
elephant necklace- Billabong

It's Wednesday, but my mind thinks its Thursday  and yesterday I kept thinking it was Wednesday. So you see, this week I'm just confused.
St. Patty's was on Sunday, but I wore my green on Saturday... so maybe I'm figuring out the source of my confusion :P

This outfit was my let's go apartment hunting, but since that plan fell through, I ended up wearing it to run errands and to dinner with my husband.

If you need a skirt that can go from casual to dressy, this is the kind of skirt you are looking for, flowy, longish, or high low and of a jersey material.
I like it also cause is not see through.
Please, who is tired of seeing see through clothing?... I  am.