Monday, December 3, 2012

Birds, glasses and coffee

Teal pants-Tillys
pink loafers- Tj maxx (present from my mom)
bird print tee- F21 (present from my mom)

It's Monday and I'm just thinking... coffee. 
Every morning my sweet husband makes my coffee. Its only taken him two days to master how I like it :D, He is more on the stronger side, French press and all.. I like mine in between, but with 3 teaspoons of sugar.. I'm a sweet tooth, what can I say.

I've been wearing my glasses a little more lately.. nothing like a free pair I can wear as a fashion statement and not because I need them...
I always said I wanted to have bad eye sight so I had an excuse to wear glasses, not considering that I could get ones without prescription. But knowing how touchy I'm with my eyes, contacts would def be a problem, I'm indeed thankful for my good vision. 
Seriously, kudos to those brave ppl who can touch their eyes and deal with contacts. I would never be able to do that.

On another note is 22 days till Christmas!!! and 21 days till my husband's birthday!!! wooo!!

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