Thursday, November 29, 2012

A day to give Thanks

A day out of the year suddenly arrives, where we remember to give thanks.... but I'm thankful everyday of the year, even today when it isn't a national holiday to remind me so!

I'm thankful for another day, family, friends that are like family, a life given through Jesus, my husband, Chris's grandma's thanksgiving meal, the list can go on... what are you thankful for? 

Every other year Chris and I have celebrated thanksgiving together...




(look at this crazy tights I wore last year! :P )

This year's Thanksgiving Chris and I went to his grandma's house once again. I had volunteered to make the sweet potato casserole, which btw It was delicious :) I was indeed very proud of it.
...but this year was even more special than the last couple of years, because it was our first Thanksgivings together as The Rossers :D and it sounds so wonderful to say it like that :D

Here is what we wore :) ...

denim shirt-Men21
cognac oxfords-Aldos

Burgundy skirt-HM
pullover sweater-HM
polka dot blouse (under)- F21
Flats-City classified

It was beautiful outside! even tho the day started warm, cooling slowly as the day went on, so I had to say no to my knee socks :( but its ok, hopefully there'll be colder days coming our way soon! crossing fingers we get a very chilly weather this Christmas :D

So, did you do black Friday or Cyber Monday?  I didn't.. well I never do black Fridays, I very rarely like shopping in stores anyways and I don't like crowds... but since I'm an online shopper, I have always snatched something great online (like this dress), on cyber Monday .. but this year after moving out of my house I realized I have way too much, (I have donated 5 bags of stuff to goodwill already) so Cyber Monday did not allure me in :) But I indeed had a great relaxing thanksgiving with my husband and family and that's all that was important to me, and well, the food too! :D
Hope your thanksgiving was just as wonderful <3

PS: Christmas is almost here!!!!! favorite season of all!!! :D! so stop reading this post! go get your Christmas tree ready!!!