Monday, September 24, 2012

fall, teal and pearls

floral skirt-etsy
teal tank-goodwill
pearls- premier designs
pointy toe tan flats- city classified
mustard\camel bag and coral bracelet- forever21

  So I wasn't joking when I said I can wear this pearls in more than 30 ways. This way is yet one of the other ways you can wear it, aside from the one I have already Shown you. These are the best pearls I have ever owned :D

  I love teal, I think is one of the colors I want to be using a lot in the fall, it goes great with mustard, gold,  mint, burgundy, brown, cognac, tan etc, etc. so that is a plus plus! are you excited for fall? I certainly am :)

what color is your favorite at the moment and can't wait to incorporate into the fall?

My cutie and I went to a friend's wedding yesterday. It was beautiful to see the union of two people becoming one in such a big exciting commitment and to be a part of it! I'm so happy for them and their new marriage and I can certainly not wait for mine! 1 month and 2 weeks to go! :D

Have a lovely Monday <3


  1. such a pretty floral look!

  2. The pearls are such a nice touch!

    1. thank you!!! those pearls are such a fun accessory! :)

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    1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and for following, I am now following back !

    2. love your blog!! thanks for following back!! :D <3