Monday, August 13, 2012

And the winner of the toilet paper wedding dress is...

dress-tea&tulips- vintage
heels-Franco sarto
flower clip-F21
peach ribbon-stolen from bridal shower decor. :P

So this is the second bridal shower i go to where i get to model a toilet paper wedding dress, but this is the first time our group wins! (we won a chocolate bar haha!) from left to right is Gaby, me, Chelsea, Kari and 
last, to the right, but not least is Sam (the bride to be) :D

being in the 20's is such a fun time of one's life, you get married, your friends get married, engaged, babies!!! lol, new houses; its the beginning of the adult life. i just want to stay on the 20's forever!!! :P

ps. took this with my tripod, so much fun, but the hot weather not so much.


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