Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The serving spoon

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dress, boots, sweater- Anthropologie

So I've been meaning to finish the rug for my living room, but I still haven't decided on what print I would like to paint on it. So that project is on hold, for now.
But I do promise a post in the future, once it's finished :D

What I can show you is what I did this past Saturday...

At The Anchor Church, every 3 months, we have an award Sunday. We host a breakfast before church, and present 3 awards. 
We do this, not only as a fun get-together, but also to see what goes on unnoticed, behind stage, as God grows our church.

The awards we give are as follows: 
1. a wooden spoon (the serving spoon award) for those serving the church in different ways, 
2. A SWEAT-er vest (The sweater award) for the hard sweaty worker, lol,
3.A shoe, (the beautiful feet award) for those that have share the gospel, or invited someone to church

On the last breakfast award, I happily received the wooden spoon
My first award!!! :D

You have the option to add something to it, while you have the award. 
So here, I show you what I did:
Wood-burning, I gotta tell you, it can become addicting. It's like fulfilling your childish dream of burning stuff, without the damage part ... Wait, was I the only kid that always wanted to burn things? lol.

At first I thought it would be hard to do, but the secret is in not about making it perfect, but having fun with it. Look at it closely, the lines are not perfectly straight, and I think it still looks great! Don't you agree? maybe I'm just biased :P 

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