Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Oh Spring forward

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 photo 13076191024_72aaa1d8ac_c_zps9aa1fd16.jpg
 photo 13076194474_9e81674726_c_zpsf4cc7ad7.jpg

Baroque print pants- Ruche
Keren lace tee- Anthropologie
necklace- Premier designs
draped indigo moto jacket- Anthropologie

When you are ready with all the pictures for a post, and have nothing to say. I blame spring forward.

What I don't blame spring forward for, it's the extra hour of light we get now.
Of course it's nice to not  have to think it's super late, when the clock marks 7 pm.

So about this pants, the baroque print was the first thing that caught my eye, aside from the cute zippers.

I added texture to the busy print with a neutral crochet tee, and topped it with this jacket that makes me feel like I should be riding a motorcycle -only for a picture not to actually take a ride-I'm not that brave...

...My husband does want to get a motorcycle...

...I object. ><


  1. Cute! I love how you paired everything together. I can't wait to bring out my spring clothing. Enough of the winter! And I would object too at getting a motorcycle!

    Des | Simple Charm Beauty

  2. beautiful!!!!!!!

    check my blog out,