Friday, March 14, 2014


 photo 13139515673_cc92f60c9f_c_zps7fd1f5bb.jpg
 photo 13139690054_dc5c3f3906_c_zps88868e72.jpg
 photo 13139522323_5e08d20e04_c_zpsc84bb7fd.jpg
 photo 13139520383_4c78e99280_c_zps603a5bd2.jpg
 photo 13139683094_657476c0d9_c_zpscff5a133.jpg
Marrakesh Embroidered Top- Ruche
Fringed Eliot cardigan- Anthropologie
Necklace- Premier Jewelry
Tarnby lasercut booties- Anthropologie
Anchor bracelet- Gift

When your pictures are hassle free to edit- big hurray!
But in other not so big hurray moments (well, maybe for my heart), I need to find a workout routine that I can keep up more than 3 days. 

Ready?... set!... Go!

-I'm 26 and can't lift a thing. (even carrying a watermelon hurts my arms) 
-I go up a staircase and run out of breath halfway there. (luckily I live on the first floor.)...

...Ok, the list can go on, but I'm not sure I feel like embarrassing myself more.

I will start that workout, tomorrow. 
No more excuses.

walking around the neighborhood, counts -right? 0_o
-just kidding!

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