Friday, February 28, 2014


 photo 12772095174_3ab59965e3_c_zpsf173ee3c.jpg
 photo 12771654655_53509971c0_c_zps5da76281.jpg
 photo 12771636775_78e3cc0c71_c_zpsbc3e2e30.jpg
 photo 12771649925_03925ae93e_c_zpsf80741d7.jpg
 photo 12771780053_5838502e20_c_zps933d3a57.jpg
 photo 12771783613_4380b314b2_c_zps1fb2273f.jpg

sweater- Anthropologie
boots- Bedstu
jeggings- Delias
blouse- HM
hat- Cottonon

So I have decided. 
I'm going to dye my hair 0_0 

kind of scared/excited about it. 
Still trying to decide shades on the light auburn department. So you can see why I should be scared, it could come out good, or really bad. But I'm hoping it won't be like the color of this sweater- Terra. 

Although I love it on the sweater, I don't think I'm ready for clown orange hair-Actually, not ever.
So crossing fingers I pick the right shade! 

P.S. Any help will be appreciated :)


  1. Super nice outfit! You look great!

    x Angela

  2. OMG that cardigan is adorable! LoVE IT :)

    check out my latest post,