Tuesday, February 25, 2014

No Shoelaces

 photo 12195478673_4628b595ec_c_zpsf7b8d24e.jpg
 photo 12195545544_57b65596bd_c_zpsa409ea9d.jpg
 photo 12195601734_e4cc8843f0_c_zps6ee87a07.jpg
 photo 12195294215_a28a7f1636_c_zps213c2ce4.jpg
 photo 12195866726_38fb907193_c_zps8ac0a0f4.jpg

chunky sweater- HM
belt- Modcloth
shirt and boots- Anthropologie

When I got a gift card for Christmas, I knew immediately I wanted to get these boots.
They are definitely on the unique side, and my friends jokingly say that I'm missing shoelaces, every time I wear them, lol.

This past weekend, my husband, Chris, went out of town on a -first time- snow board trip.
While he was away, I went ahead and started on what it looks like- the longest project ever- A rug for my living room
Rugs are pretty expensive, so I decided to make my own, in the hopes that it turns out good ::crossing fingers::
It's coming along great, so hopefully I'll be able to show you soon, and then you can learn how to make your own too! :D

P.s. Oh yeah, almost forgot, this is the new layout. You are not in a different blog ;)


  1. Nice outfit!

    x Angela

  2. your layout is really pretty, and im SUPER curious to see this rug! i have no idea how you go about making one. also, love the frilly top peeking out from the sweater- that's such a sweet layer :)

    xo marlen
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