Monday, January 27, 2014

Victorian Rustic

 photo 12005929723_72845cd835_c_zps747f8325.jpg
 photo 12005633455_32ba1fe29d_c_zps5a0f5494.jpg
 photo 12005925013_12e7688ff7_c_zpsdf605f4a.jpg
 photo 12005985134_5880c97193_c_zps3fa962ad.jpg
 photo 12005928013_8b84b474ff_c_zps5e14d213.jpg
 photo 12040694764_35d01dd0bb_c_zpsc37907f6.jpg

sweater- present from my mom
top- HM
boots- Anthropologie

When my mom came from Argentina, for my wedding, she brought this sweater with her. As she pulled it out of her luggage, I couldn't stop staring at it.
Of course she didn't hesitate to give it to me after she saw my face; even though I asked her like a million times if she was sure she wanted to just give it to me. After all t was her favorite too, but that's my mom :) 

The sweater has a rustic/Victorian feel to it, and the sleeves are just my favorite. 
She is going to love this post, because she has been asking if I've been wearing it :) 
so... tada!!


  1. What a gorgeous sweater - it's such an unusual piece, it was lovely of your mom to gift it to you even though she loved it, too. It really does suit you beautifully, so I can see why she did :)

  2. WHAT!? This sweater is amazing!! And I love how you paired it with the boots... Cozy and cute - perfect :)