Thursday, October 17, 2013

'Twas a grand night


yup, wrong background for this dress, lol.

This dress was a present from my mom, for my birthday. It's seriously perfect. I love it. 
The open back is a cute touch. 
The cardigan was a present from my husband and let me tell you its the cutest, yet comfiest sweater ever!! 
Ever since I spotted it at Anthropologie's site and catalog, I wanted it. And thanks to my hubby, is now mine and I can't wait to use it more as temperatures start dropping a bit this year. 

So, yes, I wore both my presents in one day. I couldn't help it, they just go perfectly together.

I had the best birthday. My usual is having dinner at a restaurant. But this time I decided to have an afternoon/evening picnic/  throwing the Frisbee at the beach with my friends, which turned out great!! 
So after church and my husband surprising me with cupcakes and my friends singing happy birthday, we headed out to the beach.

Here are a few pics via a disposable camera (thanks to my friend Adrian):

 Jamie + Scott

 Jason + Amy

Chris + I 

 Adrian + Alyssa

Thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate with me!! 

'Twas a grand night <3

dress- DearCreatures- present 
cardigan- Anthropologie- present
heel oxfords- Bakers
bag- volcom
necklace- Premier Designs

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  1. So glad to hear you had a great birthday - you do look absolutely adorable in this dress. And that last photo from the disposable camera is amazing!