Monday, September 9, 2013

Silly me

Remember when I said this color boots, on this color concrete, were a no go for pictures? 
Well, for this post I forgot all about it :P
But see what I mean? lol

I went on a date to Bonefish, with my husband, a couple weeks ago. This is what I wore.  
I love it when Chris asks me out on dates. I know we are married, but still makes me all excited about going out with him. 
Silly me ^^

At the restaurant, Chris and I spotted an old cute couple all dressed up, having dinner.
Couldn't help but to imagine us in the future :) ... 

...this handsome man and I <3

dress- F21
boots- Anthropologie
necklace- Premier Designs


  1. Booties are the perfect way to make any outfit feel more fall-ish!

  2. You two are such a cute couple :) I love your date night outfit, those boots are adorable even if they do kind of match the sidewalk and your hair looks fabulous!