Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Childhood Horror

Thanks to the hair bun I was wearing earlier, I acquired wavysh hair with volume for these shots. 
If my hair was always like this, I would actually consider my childhood horror.

When I was a kid my grandma cut my hair every Sunday, no joke. 
It was so short my whole childhood, and by short I mean it was way above my shoulders. 

I looked like a mushroom... that was my childhood horror.

When I entered my teenage years I was determined to go against cutting it, and from there on its always been long. 

Will I ever cut it? 
Probably someday, and if I still have this blog you will probably see it too :P 

shorts- UO
blouse- Ruche
bag- Volcom
flats- Chelse crew


  1. Although no one cut my hair every Sunday, I definitely did have a mushroom cut until I was nine - I'm still traumatised and will probably always keep my hair long because of it. I can totally sympathise :) Love your bag!

    1. hahha!! yes! someone that can relate!! lol!! I so dislike those old pictures of my mushroom cut!!! let's embrace long hair for life lol! <3

  2. Love this look! Perfect transition look. And I was just the opposite! My mom would never let me cut my hair so as soon as she would I chopped it. And have been chopping it ever since ha. But I completely understand :)

  3. I love your look, looks so girly and confortable!
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  4. I love high waisted shorts! Great bag too!