Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Plus Plus

If there is a pair of pants that I've had for a couple months and regret not wearing before, it's this pair.

 I bought them on final sale for 15, originally 30. 
I was a little self conscious when I first got them, doubting myself and complaining that it made my bottom look too big. So they went to my drawer to be worn when lounging at home.

As it happens, I forgot all about them and they never saw daylight till last week, just when confidence took over. 

The loose fit is starting to grow on me,  plus they are so comfortable.
Also a friend told me that the print reminded her of Peru, which is where I am from... so that's even more of a plus plus! :D

pants- Downeastbasics
boots- Anthropologie
blouse- Ruche
necklace- Premier Designs


  1. You're from Peru? I'm sure there's a story there and I'd love to read it :) These pants definitely do have a South American feel to them - I think it's the print! I know sometimes it's a struggle to try a new and unusual style but it's a good thing you pulled these beauties out because they look fabulous on you!

  2. nice to bring those pants out for a some walk :) not big at all in my opinion, fret not

  3. Love this Outfit :)
    The trousers are sooo great!!!!
    I follow you immediately :D