Monday, August 19, 2013

Pale for life

I sat in front of my computer with this pictures, complaining of how pale I am. 
You would think my skin has never seen sunlight.  
 -True story, when I was a kid, my dad would pinch both my cheeks to get some color on my face. lol -.-

I'm just one of those people that has tried tanning, ending up with a bad, bright red, sunburn. 
Even my scalp has got sunburned once. That was not fun. 
*side note: Just picture me brushing my hair then 0_o

Failing continuously to tan when I was in my teen years, led to finally giving up. Now all I do is sunscreen. 
Gotta take care of the skin, I guess, and that means pale for life.

PS: Click Here to see How I've worn this blouse before :P 

Blouse- Tj Maxx
jeans- Tillys
necklace- Premier Designs


  1. such a cute blouse! you look stunning :)
    following you via GFC and blogger xx

  2. Pale skin is wonderful!
    Lovely blouse :)

  3. Hi dear!I just found your blog and I really like your conceptand style!
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  4. Yay! Pale skinned for life! Haha. I know how it is, I don't tan either I just sunburn (and been there done that with the scalp-ouch!) so I stick with sunscreen and embrace my paleness :) I think fair skin is beautiful! Love your cute collared top too!

  5. Don't worry about pale skin - in some parts of the world they use special creams to make themselves lighter, and we use tanning lotions to make ourselves darker. We are never happy with what we've got! You're gorgeous! I love the peter pan collar on your top.
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  6. There's nothing wrong with being pale - my boyfriend is white as a ghost, barely tans, and I love it. Plus, it means pastels (like this blue blouse) look even better on you. Embrace it! Just don't forget that sunscreen. ;)


  7. Tanning is so unhealthy anyways. Your skin tone is gorgeous just the way it is.
    Love your pastel top.