Friday, May 3, 2013

Pork-Pie Hat

Last week Chris and I went to see my friend's brother school play, and this is what I wore.

I had been looking for a hat that didn't  have much of a wide brim, cause let's face it my head is small and thank goodness it kept me from getting a wool black hat with a longer brim at H&M a while back.
I'm still wondering why is called a pork-pie hat, but it doesn't matter, only that it fits my head perfectly. 
The hat is probably going to be worn a lot on the blog :P

So some great exciting news I received this week and has me on a high note: Chris and I finally found an apartment! We are sooo excited, It's definitely been an answer to prayer. Praise God! couldn't be more blessed! thanks to all our friends and family for praying for us.
June 1st here we come!!!!

pants- Tillys
fringe necklace- F21
watch-Daniel Wellington
pork pie Hat- Asos


  1. Aw you are so cute! lovely blog and nice outfit! <3

  2. lovely look babe ! SHall we follow let me know XSE

    1. thank you! following you on bloglovin now! :D

  3. So cute! That hat looks perfect on you. And congratulations on finding an apartment-- how exciting!

    1. thank you!!!! :D and thank you!!! we are so excited!!! cute blog btw! following you on bloglovin!

  4. love this look your jeans are a great colour. Post some pics of the apartment when you move in !
    xO Ilana @ My Modern Vintage