Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oui Oui

Happy Wednesday everybody, here is another lens flare post. 7 pm has become my favorite hour for pictures :D

So I wanted to take a moment today to ask anyone that visits my blog that lives around Davie, FL or close, to take a look at the photo below. My friend's dog is lost :( so if you live near by or know someone that does, keep your eyes peeled for this cutie. 
Please, help us find Meeko

tank and leather bracelet- Cottonon
tights- HM
blazer- Tj maxx
ankle boots- BC footwear


  1. Aww, I hope your friend finds their dog! I would be devastated if mine ever got away from me. Keep us posted!

    On a lighter note, I adore your boots. :)

  2. Cute blazer!
    I hope your friend's dog shows up!

    xo Jennifer

  3. Gorgeous outfit, simple and sleek!

    PS I hope your friend finds their dog.

  4. you look sooo pretty honey! love that striped blazer sooo much - and perfect how you styled it down with that oui shirt:)
    lots and lots of love from switzerland!

  5. Oh pup I'm so sorry! I hope they find her!

    In happier news, your tup is uh-dorable!
    xx, Emily
    so anthro