Monday, April 29, 2013

Cardigan makes scarf

Another Friday with no post!! I had a crazy busy Friday running errands with the hubby so there was no time to make this post happen. But I'm here with a cool idea to make up for it, I hope :P 
See the scarf I'm wearing? It's actually a cardigan. I was on my way to church and had brought my cardigan with me. It was a little warm to wear it but I noticed I had forgotten to wear a necklace, so what did I do a cardigan scarf.  All you do is tuck the arms in, then twist the cardigan, put it around your neck and knot the ends! Tada! is that simple and creative.
I have seen this done with a maxi skirt before too! so go ahead try this, but maybe use a lighter fabric since its starting to get warm as we know it!
yay summer O_O

P.S. I was featured on Llana's blog My Modern Vintage, yesterday! go check it out and her awesome blog!  Thank you once again Llana! :D

Skirt- Francesca's
oxford heels- Bakers
blouse- HM
cardigan worn as scarf- TJ Maxx
watch-Daniel Wellington


  1. I just found your blog through My Modern Vintage and I immediately fell in love with your style! I love the print of this skirt. And you totally can't even tell that that's a cardigan! So creative! Also, these shoes are the best.

    1. lol! so funny I found yours last month through her blog too and LOVED it!!!! haha, thanks for stopping by! :D

  2. interesting idea with the scarf! love those shorts.

    1. thank you! its a skirt :P but the wind does make it look like shorts, lol!
      Thanks for visiting! :)