Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gamer at heart

teal  Pants- Tillys
rust loafers- Target
blouse-F21 (old)

I Wore this outfit about 3 weeks ago, and since my last post had this same teal pants, might as well show you how I've worn them when the weather is not chilly.  

So, my husband is once again reading Harry Potter. He has probably read those books like 10 times (each) by now. The other day he bought the Harry Potter Lego video game and we have been playing it every night. It's actually pretty fun and he is surprised every time I ask him if we can play it. He forgets I'm a gamer at heart (golden eye, Mario kart, star wars. all oldies but goodies) just don't give me Halo or call of duty, hehe :P


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