Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Top- Francescas
Skirt: Tulle4us
denim blazer: F21
scarf- F21
knee socks- Delias
Boots- Seychelles

Nothing like a cool night in Florida to enjoy it to the maximum, but sadly trying not to get your hopes high, because you'll know it'll feel like summer the next day... booo....

"that's a huge scarf" what Chris's mom and one of my friends told me... well, I guess they haven't seen this one, lol. I love big scarves, the fluffier and bigger, the warmer you'll be, trust me.

Here goes to another day waiting for a cold front to show up, maybe I'll just remain indoors with the A/C to the maximum and wear all my winter stuff :) sounds like a plan!


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