Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Nutcracker

Sequined top- F21
cream skirt-Sosie
Black heels-Mixx-Lulus
pearls-Premier Designs

"Dress up, Saturday we're going somewhere to celebrate our 5 year anniversary!'" -the text I got from my husband a couple weeks ago.

I do have to clarify that we haven't yet been married for 5 years, lol, we just got married November 10th of this year, but we couldn't overlook being together, 5 years, on December 1st, so we had to celebrate it :)

My reaction to the text?: well, I'm the kind of person that doesn't like surprises, not that I don't like getting the surprise, I'm just not patient and I need to know right away what it is, even when I'm the one giving the surprise, I can't keep it hidden, I easily want to yell it out and say THIS IS YOUR SURPRISE!!!!!
SO, now that I have explained that part of me, you can totally see my reaction when I got that text from my husband, not knowing what to dress up for, nor where in the world we were going, can someone please relate? lol.

When we first started dating in 2007, Chris took me to see The Nutcracker, and ever since then, I fell in love with it and for years I wanted to go see it again. Well Saturday came along and where did he take me? well I think the title of the post has already given it away (See what I mean about surprises and I?) so yes, It was a fun delightful evening, and It was the best way to celebrate being together 5 years and also the start of the December Christmas cheer. We ended the night with dessert and coffee at the melting pot. 

I love this man so much and I can't believe we have been together 5 years!! madness! I cant wait to celebrate years and years of marriage with him <3


  1. omg a sequin girl after my own heart! this is fabulous! love love love!

    XO Meghan

  2. Love your outfit, especially for the holidays now! <3

    Yaissy from Shoes Over Roses