Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Honeymoon day 1- Delray Beach

Hello everyone! we are back!! and what better than to bring you a day by day snippets from the honeymoon :D!! hopefully soon I will have some pictures from the wedding to share too!

As some of you have read on previous posts, I got married on Nov. 10th, it was perfect and couldn't have asked for a more absolutely beautiful day to get married to my wonderful, now, husband :).... oh my!!!! I'm saying husband, (I'm still getting used to that word  :P)

On Saturday night, we arrived at the Hyatt hotel in Delray Beach FL, and stayed there for two nights before going to Orlando

This is our first picture out on the town as a married couple :)
can you tell how tired we are? 

We went to a burger place called Burgerfi, by the beach, which was indeed really good, but who could ever say a burger tastes bad, lol :P

It was indeed a beautiful day at Delray, not cold, not hot, it was perfect. there was a wine and food festival in town so that was lots of fun!

there were also small shops at the festival and a bunch of jewelry stands, I wanted it to buy it all! lol

And how could this be a post in my blog without an outfit post? lol! it was Chris's idea, I had no intention to take outfit pictures the whole week we were gone, but he knew I was bummed I wasn't going to be able to post on my blog for a while, so he told me he would take pictures of my outfits for my blog. what a sweetie he is :)

The watch I'm wearing here is my wedding present from him :D I love the mahogany color of the leather strap :D

Geo romper- Tilly's
rust loafers-Target
necklace-premier designs
mahogany watch-Timex

We wanted to go out to dinner at night but we were still exhausted from the wedding, plus from walking all over town during the day. We just ordered pasta for delivery and ate till our hearts content.

We also had leftover cake from the wedding which btw I think it was a mistake to bring it along because I wanted to take a bite from it every minute :P but it was delicious, who says No to a moist vanilla cake with dulce de leche? :D... exactly!

Stay tuned for the next few days for more day to day posts from our honeymoon ;)

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