Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mancha and pattern mixing tips

Everyone meet my cutie kitty, Mancha, for those of you wondering where Mancha (the name) comes from, it means 'stain' in Spanish.

I was never a cat lover but when this rodent joined our family last year i gained the cutest, cuddliest cat in the planet. He lets me pick him up like a baby and jumps in my lap every afternoon when i come home from work. I love this munchkin.

Oh, and he loves rain, i dunno why, he is that strange cat, and i think it goes with his mysterious look, or is maybe that he is black it makes him look mysterious? :)... anyways, whoever said black cats weren't cute, you were wrong!

Oh, it's Mancha again, photobombing, I guess we didn't take enough pictures of him, he got jealous :P

My cutie panther, taking the spotlight :P

top-charlotte russe
skirt-Roxy (from 3 years ago)
flats-city classified-ebay

I'm combining two of my favorite patterns stripes and polka dot, tho i also love geo patterns with polka dots.
combining patterns is soo much fun! i seriously love the contrast. Remember that if you combine patterns the key is to use either two solid colors that go together (like in this case navy and yellow) and also another tip is to make sure one pattern has a color that is also in the second pattern (like the white polka dots go with the the white stripes on the top) hope that helps if you happen to venture into pattern mixing! have fun with it ;)

So It was raining all afternoon yesterday, but it feels like its been raining non stop considering i have mentioned rain a lot in my posts lately.

With tropical storm, Isaac, brushing through the Florida keys (which wasn't bad at all and not near us) i have to tell you i'm a wuss when it comes to hurricanes, mostly when we were in tornado warning one whole night, that i couldn't sleep (not till 4am). 

Is not often we get tornado warnings and considering the warning was from 11pm at night till 9am the next day, you can imagine how scared i was. 
That night I took Mancha to my room and like the cutie he is he cuddle against my belly, it was comforting. 
I seriously love this cat even tho sometimes he scratches and bites me when playing. :P 

Friday, August 24, 2012

those cute old oxfords

oxfords shoes-Urban outfitters

yay is FRIDAY!! 
Yesterday Chris and i went to Ikea to get our centerpieces for our wedding!! I'm soooo excited!!! 
should i tell you what the centerpieces are? :) ... ok, i'll tell you.... they are lanterns! and we found the cutest ones and affordable in price at Ikea! oh! and thank you pinterest for that idea :D

i love this peter pan collar top, is truly one of my favorites! i got it from this shop called tea & tulips by this blogger in Miami, she always finds the cutest vintage stuff...
Also nothing beats this old cute oxfords :)

stumbled upon this cute commercial, thought ill share it :)

Girls on Bikes :30 HD from Loeffler Randall on Vimeo.

  HAPPY happy Friday! :D

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Food trucks, ice cream trucks and a surf movie premiere



hey hey! im back, you guys, well, we've been back from the trip since Saturday, but i'm back on the blog today :).
Yesterday i went with Chris to watch a surf movie premiere "Dear suburbia" sponsored by Hurley.
We had fun (even tho we didn't win any prizes, boo!!!) but they had food trucks and amazing ice cream and cupcakes trucks, i was dying,

The movie premiere was outside Chris's old store (where he used to work before working at Billabong) called BC surf & sport. It was nice seeing old co-workers of his who were so excited to see us, well correction, to see the ring in my hand :P. 

It was so hot outside (typical Florida) even tho it was overcast, so i had to get a t-shirt from the store to wear for the rest of the night.

Here is the shirt i got, what a better thing, than to find an anchor tee on sale and with 30% off (yes,since i'm with Chris, who gets 30% off everything in that store, i'm consider family, yay! :P):

Here is me, indulging in Dutch Chocolate ice cream, nom nom :P

If you have noticed, my blog name is now called, Petite Poupee. I figure since i don't use the blue curtains as my backgrounds for pictures anymore,  it was time for something different. 

Poupee means doll, in french, in case you were wondering :) i'll eventually change the address name, but for now that one is still the blue curtain.

have a lovely thursday! its almost FRIDAY! :D

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

leaving on a jet plane...


Well not on a jet plane, but on a car. Going to Leesburg, Fl, today, with the band to lead worship at a 2 day camp. So excited!

I love love road trips, i truly do, more on the way there that on the way back (of course) So i cant wait to get on the road with my fwends and play together; and hopefully we wont be eating taco bell before leaving like we did once before (believe me being in a car with guys and taco bell full tummies is not my ideal road trip) and we are just leaving it at that, not getting into details. :P
Be praying for us!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

high waist shorts are a favorite go to item, how about you?

flats-charlotte russe

yay for rainy days, but not so yay when you want to take pictures outside, thankfully there was the patio. wore this to watch a movie with Chris at his house. We decided in order to see the Dark night (which i haven't seen yet, (i know i know) but he has) we should watch the first two films.
We are still to watch the 2nd movie to then go to the theater, i better get on that already :O

although i always plan my outfits ahead of time, this one wasn't. I literally walked to my closet grabbed the shirt and asked myself what shorts looks great with it. and boom! high wait shorts are always my to go items during summer (well i lied, on winter too, with tights of course) 

happy tuesday! :D