Monday, December 30, 2013

Here's to a new year!

 photo 11646832616_fee6ebacd8_c_zpsf6f1e555.jpg  photo 11646543394_8bfbb64e5a_c_zps5b2285b6.jpg  photo 11646273533_d771456833_c_zps2e5f82b4.jpg  photo 11646343294_8a5f36f8b8_c_zpsca7ad5a8.jpg  photo 11646438173_0b756689b3_c_zps6e024d4c.jpg  photo 11646428643_f966df2f6c_c_zpse53dcfdc.jpg  photo 11646980296_c87ca15d0d_c_zps7a573beb.jpg

boots- Anthropologie

Long overdue post... I know!!
I wore this outfit 2 times in one month: running errands and a meeting.
Love the top and its name on the site: "Machu Picchu" ...I mean holla! that means its Peruvian inspired, hehe.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
First year my husband and I got to celebrate waking up at our own place, and it was quite wonderful :)

After Christmas, the festivities for my sister's wedding begun.
She looked absolutely radiant on her day and I couldn't be happier that she found an amazing guy.
Today I'm super jelly as they embark on their honeymoon to.......... ::drum roll::........... San Francisco!!!!! woooo! so exciting!

Here's to a new year and
to the bride and groom!!!!!!


  1. Such a lovely top! And gongrats to the bride and groom!

    x Angela

  2. Happy New Year, Lizette! Wishing you all the best for 2014. And congratulations to your sister and her new husband, they look so happy together.

  3. Such a good outfit and Happy New Year! Congrats to your sister - San Fran! What fun!

  4. Love the print on your top! And your booties are perfect! I bet you get a lot of wear out of them! They'd go with everything!