Friday, March 15, 2013

Blazer and Bun

pants- tillys
heels- franco sarto
blazer-charlotte russe
bag- Volcom
blouse- Halogen
necklace- Premier Designs

It's Friday!!! and as I type this the radio is yelling it out as well. It's like they are telling me what to write, but the 'Thrift Song' just came up and I'm not writing that one out.

This outfit, believe it or not, was planned last year. Ever since I got this blazer, a while back, I knew I wanted to wear it with this jeans. Can't say no to wine and navy.
The bag is an old one that I got from Volcolm at BC Surf and Sport about 2 years ago. 
I hadn't worn it in a while, but also I had to go through unpacked boxes last week (making a mess) to be able to use it.

Talking about unpacked boxes, Chris and I started our apartment hunt yesterday. 
I'm so excited! Moving to a different place it's fun to me. 
I've moved at least 5 times in my life and it's made me like change when it comes to being in a new place or making something look visually different. 

Every other Saturday, when I was a kid, I would draw how I wanted my room to look like, to then rearrange all the furniture. I remember that satisfactory feeling of making the room look different. 
  I would even get tired of looking at the same decorative pillows I had on my bed, that I would draw and color something in paper from time to time and stick it to the front of the decorative pillows to change their look, fun times! 

...Anyways, so we've looked at 3 apartments so far and this Saturday we continue the search. 
I just can't wait to be in a new place and to start making it our own. ^^

P.S. It's Fridayyyyyy!!! 


  1. Cute outfit! I agree, navy and wine make a great combination. Each item you've worn here is so great on it's own, and together the whole thing looks expertly polished!


  2. Love that bag! You look great :)

  3. Gorgeous outfit! It's so classy and elegant, I love every piece of it. Your hair is the perfect touch!