Friday, November 30, 2012


sweater arrow skirt, black and gold- F21
cranberry top- UO
Necklace- Premier Designs 
tan asymmetric cardigan sweater- HM (old)
cognac knee boots-volatile

It's Friday!! and that's all my brain is thinking about.
Tonight is girl night!!! my friends haven't seen twilight yet, so it's going to be fun to see their reaction to the movie, and that's all I'm saying. If you have seen it, you know what I'm talking about.. not spoilers in comments please! lol.

It's been getting dark earlier, ever since the time change.. so that's annoying considering there's barely light in the afternoon for pictures... but its ok, I'll manage, I hope.

For winter I've been liking the tribal look a lot and I loved how this outfit came out, specially when it took me 5 min to put it together! That's always a plus! 
I went to a double sushi dinner date with two of my friends Chelsea and Chris Blais. they are awesome and I'm thankful for their friendship! they will be going back to Maine next year, and I certainly hope I'll be able to visit them up there sometime when they go :) 

So Chris is taking me somewhere tomorrow to celebrate 5 years together.. I know once you get married you have to re-start the countdown... but 5 years can't be easily overlooked, so we are celebrating regardless :) I have no clue where he is taking me.. all he said was to dress up tomorrow, and I'm excited :D!!!

Have a lovely weekend <3

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