Friday, November 23, 2012

Honeymoon day 4- Expecto Patronum

"Come on, Wake UP!!! LETS GO!!!!" the words I heard over and over again on Wednesday morning as Chris (like a 4 yrd old on Christmas morning) was attempting to wake me up...

A lot of people wake up super early even the days they don't have to run errands or go to work... me? well, if I don't have to work the next day and have nothing to do, and mostly if I'm on vacation, forget it, I want to sleep in till noon, lol!! even more when is so cold I lazy? no, I just really love to sleep :D call it lazy if you want :P

After the waking up part and coffee, (cause lets admit it, coffee is a must) we headed out to Island of Adventures, no, this wasn't our first time there but our 3rd... now you know why I wanted to sleep in? lol

It was cold when we left, but in the next pictures you can see I started shedding my layers. It got warmer as the day went on...

the giraffe, I won in one of the games they have outside as you walk around Island of adventures. Its name? no, it doesn't have one yet, I'm also not 5 anymore, so I'm not in a hurry :)... any ideas what I should call it? I'll take them :P

We found Chris's cat twin stuffed animal version at the park!


or Gryffindor? 

Yesterday was the first time celebrating Thanksgiving as a Mrs. Rosser, and I love it! :D
Also my sweet potato casserole was a success!! woop woop!

Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving <3

ps: hang on! part 5 of the honeymoon adventure is up tomorrow ;)

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